Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Global Desertification Threatens Food Security with Worldwide Climate Change

Projected temperature increase for a range of ...Image via WikipediaGlobal warming and drought is creating new deserts where none existed before, and expanding those deserts that were there already. Further:
  • Changes in weather patterns: creating droughts in some areas, and flooding others is also reducing the amount of land available for agriculture.

  • Increased demand to meet agricultural demands

  • Overuse created by overpopulation adds to the problem.

  • River are drying up and turning lush farmland into sandy wasteland.

  • Salt contamination is a growing problem as a result of chemical treatment of agricultural land and evaporation of irrigated soils.

  • Excessive travel is a 'double whammy'. On holidays people generally want to go where it is sunny and warm and the very act of travelling long distances releases green-house gases; and once the destination is reached increased water use by tourists at those location (where there is usually with lower rainfall), exacerbates the problem.

  • Deserts already cover more than 40 percent of the earth's land area and are growing because of that high demand.

Yet, there are many things about deserts that can benefit humankind.

A – United Nations Environmental Programme video also shows how deserts are essential, diverse ecosystems that should be protected from climate change. If lost, we may never be able to take advantage of the secrets to renewable energy and medicine these deserts contain.

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