Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Technical Inanity

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"Was at the EmTech conference at MIT today and suffered through a panel led by Robert Scoble with four geeks (Facebook, Six Apart, Plaxo, Twine) talking about the future of the Web. No prepared remarks, just totally random conversation. Basically they all just spewed whatever came into their heads, at top speed, interrupting each other and oblivious to the fact that an audience was sitting there, glazing over. A few people got up and asked questions and the geeks did manage to (sort of) address one or two but then they forgot about the questioners and just started rambling again, talking to each other and forgetting about the audience. It was like watching five college kids with ADHD and an eight-ball of coke trying to hold a conversation.

One thing that struck me is that in trying to explain what Web 2.0 or Web 3.0 is all about, the geeks kept coming back to this example of how they had been trying to find a good restaurant in Boston and how their cool social networking tools and collaborative filters had enabled them to do such a great job of this restaurant hunting task because, like, Facebook and Twitter are so much better for this than just a Google search because, like, I don’t need a Google search bringing up a list of every restaurant in Boston, I want a filtered search relying on people I trust, people in my network."

(Webb2u - Ed: Are they all distracted by money worries at present?)

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